Missouri Valley Conference Final Player WAR Rankings

(I will be crunching the numbers and giving complete player rankings for EVERY D1 conference, using conference only stats and win/loss results as each conference regular season ends. The “write ups” will follow pretty similar formats, since I don’t really have the time to spend much time with each write up. Will obviously tweet out results as usual as soon as each post is up. At the end of each conference write up, I will try to include links to all conference write ups that have already been posted – and maybe an ETA for the next conference.)

Click the following link for ALL the data in excel, fully sortable:


What we may garner from the above results….

Player of the Year: Egidijus Mockevicius of Evansville led the conference in Wins Above Replacement (5.4) by a decent margin, and also WAR/40 (6.3). Fred VanVleet of Wichita State led in HnI (169) and Points Added to an average conference lineup per 70 possessions (+9.5).

As for All Conference 1st team, Ron Baker of Wichita State needs to be there with the above two. Numbers 4 through 9 in WAR all might have an argument one way or another for the other two spots – depending on how one wants to look at it.

Players who topped the conference in something or another in terms of rating subsets:

Egidijus Mockevicius, Evansville: #1 in Defensive Stops Rating (steals, blocks, & fouls, +3.6 PA)

Fred VanVleet, Wichita State: #1 in overall Offensive Rating (+9.5 PA) and Handles/Passing Rating (Assists & Turnovers, +8.6 PA)

Devonte Brown, Indiana State: #1 in Free Throw Production Rating (+5.1 PA)

Bola Olaniyan, Southern Illinois: #1 in Rebound Rating (+5.2 PA)

Evan Wessell, Wichita State: #1 in overall Defensive Rating (+4.2 PA)

Dominik Olejniczak, Drake: #1 in overall Scoring Rating (+6.9 Points Added) and Two Point Production Rating (+9.2 PA)

Billy Wampler, Drake: #1 in Three Point Production Rating (+8.0 PA)


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