Updated Ratings & Rankings of All D1 Players

The ratings are through all of Sundays’s (3-13-16) games. There is a TON of information in the spreadsheet – the ability to sort all players by any rating subset:


Remember, HnR is an overall seasonal rating – missing games hurts the rating. HnI is the rating for the player when he is actually on the court – missing games does not hurt the rating. HnI is the better predictor, and is what I use when predicting games. 100 is an average D1 player for either rating.

Don’t have anything to say right now – I will be doing a write up and another spreadsheet focused solely on the NCAA Tourney, which I will post tonight. I’m going to spend the next 6 or more hours pulling together some information and ways to look at the current tourney players in a way I have never seen or done before. I’m pretty excited to see how it plays out. Stay tuned.


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