The Sweet 16, Past Champions, & Similarity Scores

The title says it all – and it’s all in the following spreadsheet:


I am literally leaving to coach baseball in about 2 minutes, no time to elaborate much at all.

Do note, the 2nd page are similarity scores between current Sweet 16 rotation players and all rotation players from the past 20 NCAA champions (stat comps adjusted for pace, SoS, etc. – NOT age or position or height/weight comps).  There are over 25,000 lines of data in those scores, from most similar to least. Any score under 10 is pretty similar, the farther you get over 10 take with a grain of salt. So as an example, there are no good comps in this sweet 16 for Anthony Davis (Daniel Ochefu is the closest with a 13.4 – not all that similar). Daniel Ochefu is very similar to both championship seasons of Al Horford though.



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