Complete College Basketball Player Rankings

I posted the Top 25 players with change in rank a couple hours ago.





I’ll go ahead and copy my last weeks format – since I need to sleep very soon and don’t have the ability to come up with something unique at the moment.

Here are some quick tidbits through 1-19-14:

HnR NCAA MOP: KJ McDaniels (Clemson).  Last week was Alan Williams (UC Santa Barbara).

HnR 1st Team AA KJ McDaniels (Clemson), Doug McDermott (Creighton), Casey Prather (Florida), Alan Williams (UC Santa Barbara), Lamar Patterson (Pitt) – the same group of guys from last week, just a different order.

HnR All Senior Team Doug McDermott (Creighton), Casey Prather (Florida), Lamar Patterson (Pitt), Justin Jackson (Cincy), Javon McCrea (Buffalo) – same five guys from last week.

HnR All Junior Team: KJ McDaniels (Clemson), Alan Williams (UC Santa Barbara), Frank Kaminsky (Wisconsin), TaShawn Thomas (Houston), Aaron White (Iowa).  White replaces Brad Waldow of St. Mary’s from last week.

HnR All Sophomore Team: Marcus Smart (OK State), Fred VanVleet (Wichita State), Kyle Anderson (UCLA), Jameel Warney (Stoney Brook),  Ron Baker (Wichita State). VanVleet replaces D’Vauntes Smith-Rivera of Georgetown from last week.

HnR All Frosh Team: Joel Embiid (Kansas), Jabari Parker (Duke), Julius Randle (Kentucky), Tyler Ennis (Syracuse), Noah Vonleh (Indiana) – same 5 in the same order from last week.

Highest Rated player < 25 mpg: Joel Embiid (Kansas) – 7th nationally with a 169 HnR despite only 22.5 mpg.

Highest Rated player < 20 mpg: James Farr (Xavier) – 116th nationally with a 142 HnR despite only 15.6 mpg.

Highest Rated player < 15 mpgAndre Dawkins (Duke) – 175th nationally with a 136 HnR depite only 14.9 mpg.

Highest Rated player < 10 ppg: TJ McConnell (Arizona) – 48th nationally with a 152 HnR despite only 7.4 ppg.

Highest Rated  player < 7 ppgMoses Kingsley (Arkansas) – 177th nationally with a 136 HnR despite only 4.8 ppg.  He’s also the highest rated player who has played less than 14 mpg (he’s at 11.2 mpg).

The Best Sidekick (2nd best player on team): Sean Kilpatrick (Cincy) 26th nationally with 159 HnI (teammate Justin Jackson 8th nationally with 168 HnI).  Next best sidekick would be Ron Baker (Wichita State) 29th nationally with a 158 HnI (teammate Fred VanVleet 12th nationally with a 163).

Best “3rd best player on a team”: Keith Appling (Michigan State) 46th nationally with a 153 HnI. Runner up – Jarrod Uthoff (Iowa) 83rd nationally with a 145 HnI.

Best “4th best player on a team”: Branden Dawson (Michigan State) 67th nationally with a 148 HnI.  Runner up – Aaron Gordon (Arizona) 127th nationally with a 140 HnI.

Best “5th best player on a team”: Brandon Ashley (Arizona) 139th nationally with a 139 HnI.  Runner up – Dylan Ennis (Villanova) 204th nationally with a 134 HnI.

Best “6th best player on a team”: Kaleb Tarczewski (Arizona) 169th nationally with a 137 HnI. Runner up – Daniel Ochefu (Villanova) 284th nationally with a 130 HnI.

Best “7th best player on a team”: The Gabe York (Arizona) 227th with a 133 HnI. Runner up – Ryan Arcidiacono (Villanova) 321st nationally with a 128 HnI.

Remember, these results do NOT include Villanova getting blown out by Creighton on Monday – I don’t think we’ll see quite a repeat of Villanova player rating depth next week.

So now, theoretically, Arizona’s 7th best player would be the BEST player on 210 of the 352 D1 teams (through 1-19-14).

Iowa still easily the deepest team in the country – going 10 deep of players playing over 20% available team minutes AND still playing much better than D1 average (Iowa’s 10th best player 114 HnI, D1 average is 100).

OK, gotta sleep.  Any questions, please leave a comment or hit me up on Twitter.  Thanks.