Updated NBA Player Wins Above Replacement

This will be crazy quick, since I have a ton of Sweet 16 stuff to pull together in the next 4 hours. I decided to run similarity scores to create NBA comps for every Sweet 16 player – which obviously meant I needed to update the NBA WAR. So, here it is, with ALL the rating breakdowns:


So, Russell Westbrook is on pace to finish with almost a 3 WAR lead over James Harden. The 10 players and 25 player seasons over the last 38 seasons that ended up with an 82 game “pace” better than what Russell is projecting (adjusts for┬ástrike seasons): Michael Jordan (6 seasons), LeBron James (6 seasons), David Robinson (4 seasons), Hakeem Olajuwan (2 seasons), Tim Duncan (2 seasons), Shaquille O’Neal (1 season), Kevin Garnett (1 season), Kevin Durant (1 season), Chris Paul (1 season), & Steph Curry (1 season).

Westbrook’s per minute WAR looks even better, 6 players and 12 player seasons over the last 38 seasons finishing better: LeBron (4 seasons), MJ (3 seasons), David Robinson (2 seasons), Shaq (1), Steph (1), & CP3 (1).