National Player Ratings & Rankings

3064 qualified players (played at least 20% of their team’s available minutes) through 3-25-14 rated and ranked in the normal Hoops Nerd variety of ways – just in time for the Sweet 16.  Players highlighted in red still have games left to play:





Note the change at the top after a rough Round of 32 game for ol’ Dougie McBuckets.  The HnR #1 spot for the season is still very much in the air – most likely it’ll be one of 4 players: KJ McDaniels of Clemson, Doug McDermott of Creighton, TJ Warren of NC State, and Shabazz Napier of UConn.  KJ & Shabazz can still play their way to the top – while Doug & TJ would have to slide in (they are so close) at the very end after the final team ratings settle – and only if no one snatches that top spot.

There are four other players who could get to #1 if they play out of their minds and lead their team to the promised land: Russ Smith of Louisville, Jarnell Stokes of Tennessee, Xavier Thames of SDSU, and Frank Kaminsky of Wisconsin.

The parity at the top of the player rankings this season is pretty amazing .  It looked like McDermott could clinch the top spot with one more great game – and then everything fell apart and he fell back to the pack.

Sweet 16 stuff to come very soon…… gonna be an all nighter I think.


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