Sweet 16 Player Rankings

To make it easier for some of y’all who are really only interested in seeing the rankings of the players playing tonight and tommorrow night in the Sweet 16 – I’ve decided to include a simple, easy on the eyes, PDF ranking the remaining NCAA tourney players by Hoops Nerd Impact (HnI: how good the player is when available to play).  The qualifying criteria was lowered to players who played 14% of the available team minutes, just because I can (wanted to get McGrady in there).

Speaking of McGrady, I included players who haven’t played in the tourney &/or won’t be playing from here on out – I highlighted these players in red and didn’t give them a ranking to make it even more obvious.  These players were included so one could see how good that player actually was when healthy or available.



And to even further simplify things – the same rankings but seperated by game:



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