I’m back on the grid!

Sorry about the long layoff, I was out of the country for over a month and pretty much stayed away from the internet the whole time (outside of a few brief moments).  Anyone that has emailed me or tweeted me involving basketball related stuff since mid July, I will try to get back to all of you.  Please don’t hesitate to re-email or tweet me in case I missed it, I have a ton of stuff to go back over the next few days.

So, yes, I am fine – great actually.  No, I was not hired by an NBA  team and placed with some gag order to not post any more publicly – although I was flattered when I noticed someone suggested it.  I will try to increase my output , especially as the season nears.

Finally, I am seriously debating creating and maintaining a fantasy rating/ranking this coming NBA season – since I have been asked many times to do so by NBA fans.  I’ll have to make the differentiation VERY obvious from my “normal” ratings – since fantasy player ratings/rankings are solely intended to help FANTASY GMs to be as successful as possible in the fantasy leagues.  My normal ratings are attempting to capture more “true” value – so in essence helping REAL NBA GMs, assuming they were to put any real stock into may ratings (college and pro) and career projections.

The fantasy ratings would incorporate the past couple seasons (weighted and age adjusted obviously), and will be dynamic – the real time (current ’14-15) player fantasy rankings at any point of the season will differ from the PROJECTED rest of the season fantasy player rankings, since performance trends (recent great/poor play) and past performance will still be factors.  It is very possible I will have to charge a subscription fee in order to make this happen, although I expect to keep the fee quite low compared to about any other fantasy site.  Obviously the ratings, rankings, and projections will be updated every morning.

We’ll see though – there’s still over 2 months before the NBA season starts, and probably a full month before I’d start posting any type of fantasy stuff.  A ton could happen in those 2 months that may change my current plans.


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