Final 2015 Regular Season NBA Player Rankings by WAR

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It’s all fully sortable for your pleasure.

Now for the historical perspective of all the rating breakdowns (since the ’79-80 season):

LeBron moved up two spots to #5 in career regular season WAR (since ’80), passing Garnett & Olajuwan.

Harden had a great regular season – but in terms of WAR, there were 35 better player seasons the last 36 years. The list of players making up those 35 better player seasons:

MJ 7 better WAR seasons.

LeBron 5

David Robinson 5

Shaq 3

Olajuwan, Duncan, Garnett, Karl Malone, & Chris Paul 2 each

Bird, Durant, Wade, Moses Malone, & McGrady 1 each.

In terms of rating based on scoring proficiency & efficiency relative the league – Kevin Durant in his limited games this last season had the 5th highest rating since ’80. McGrady was 4th in ’03, MJ 3rd in ’88, Bernard King 2nd in ’85, & Durant #1 in 2014.

Curry & Korver had the two highest ratings based on three point proficiency & efficiency of any full time players (played over 40% of their team minutes) ever.

Harden & Westbrook were historic in scoring proficiency & efficiency from the line – Harden had the 2nd best season since ’80 (Durant in ’10 #1), Westbrook had the 7th best season (’87 MJ #3, ’05 Maggette #4, ’09 Kevin Martin #5, & ’07 Yao Ming #6).

Only three Rodman seasons & one Jayson Williams‘ season had a higher rebound rating than Drummond this last season. Throw in 2 Reggie Evans’ seasons,  three more Rodman seasons, and 1 more Jayson Williams season – & then we get to ’15 Hassan Whiteside at #12.

Drummond just had the highest offensive rebound rating of any player the last 36 seasons.

Only one player the last 36 seasons had a better overall scoring & defensive stops ratings than 2015 Anthony Davis, 1991 David Robinson. Add in ball handling ratings (assists & turnovers) – no one had been better across the board the last 36 seasons.

No player has ever had as low a turnover rating (turned the ball over less relative to league, team pace, etc) who also had as good a scoring rating as Anthony Davis in 2015. The only player in his league in that respect would be Kiki Vandeweghe from the mid to late 80s.


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