NBA Day 21 – All Players Ranked by WAR (Wins Above Replacement)

Rankings actually in WAR “pace” because of the varying number of games for each team – WAR pace is what the player’s end of season WAR would look like stretched out the full season.

Curry is obviously still #1, the next three (LeBron, Blake, & Mr. Drummond) from last week got re-shuffled a little as LeBron jumped to #2.  Houston lost all four games this week, and Harden dropped like a a stone from #5 to #29. The entire NBA results player WAR results:


I’m doing this a little different than in the past – I’m keeping all the normal stats in the excel file (from basketball-reference) – since that is a common source for many people. My player listings will perfectly match anyone else’s who may be working with data from b-r. Easy for stat comps.

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