All NBA Players Ranked by WAR (Wins Above Replacement)

Rankings actually in WAR “pace” because of the varying number of games for each team – WAR pace is what the player’s end of season WAR would look like stretched out the full season.

In an attempt to help people better understand the rating breakdowns into separate statistical skill sets – I am now converting those results into a “Points Added” number. Theoretically – it’s the number of points the player would add to an across the board average NBA lineup over 100 possessions (negative would mean points the player costs the lineup). This is obviously after all ratings are adjusted for pace, team quality, etc. 


Looking at the NBA All Star starters – outside of Kobe, the West looks solid. Curry, Westbrook, Durant, and Leonard have been incredible, 4 of the top 5 players in all the NBA in WAR/48 & HnI. Draymond Green & Blake Griffin were the highest rated front court guys not selected, I’d give Draymond the start if Kobe didn’t play.

In the East, Lebron and Lowry were supported by my rankings. Jimmy Butler would have been a much better choice in the backcourt over Wade, Drummond would have been a nice choice as a true center (over Carmelo), while Millsap has a very slightly better rating than Paul George – but it’s so close that I wouldn’t argue at all.

I’m doing this a little different than in the past – I’m keeping all the normal stats in the excel file (from basketball-reference) – since that is a common source for many people. My player listings will perfectly match anyone else’s who may be working with data from b-r. Easy for stat comps.

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