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Here’s an interview I did with Oligolf.com that goes into pretty good detail about my past and what drives me in terms of sports and analytics.

Some of my Sporting News articles.

Here’s a podcast I did with Coach Nick & Bballbreakdown (3/6/16) about Draft Models, and yet another I did with him when heĀ asked me back to talkĀ about the NCAA Tourney selections, players, and possible upsets (3/16/16).

I can be reached via email: danthestatman@gmail.com

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  1. There is always a diamonds in the rough. Issiah Grayson is one of those. This young-man needs to be on the reality show undrafed or a 10 day contract.
    Have you all really seen him play?

    His team mate was Avery Bradley from Finlay Prep. His best friend is Zach Lamb brother of Jeramey Lamb who he works out with and the dude got game. The ultimate satisfaction of signing a player who was passed over entirely in the draft and seeing him become a productive pro is what needs to happen with this kid.
    Check him out you wont regret it.

    1. I have not seen him play – but I did rank him in 2014 (& ’13 &’12) by his play at Cal State Bakersfield, since all D1 players get ranked. Top 200 player in NCAA in ’14, 2nd best player in the WAC that year to Stephen Madison of Idaho.


      That being said – he’s obviously an exceptional player to rank that high in D1 (top 7% of D1 players) – but that ranking as a senior wouldn’t suggest NBA prospect. BUT, occasionally (very rare), guys who ranked worse at the same age in D1 have eventually developed & clawed their way to 10 day NBA contract.

      This is partly why I do this though – I rate EVERYONE in the NBA, NCAA, D1, D League, & PreSeason (soon, NBA summer league & some international leagues) – so as to not leave a stone unturned. I will say – it appears he was a much better player in college in 2014 than many guys who played in this last summer league – and better than a few players who played in the NBA preseason. NBA gms miss a TON of guys that could be better roster fillers than what we often see. Heck, Issiah may be one of them.

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